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Yoga Foundations Class “Grow well live well” 6th July

As part of the GROW WELL FEEL WELL initiative, we will be running an additional discounted Yoga class for those new to Yoga and anyone looking to brush up on their yoga basics. So if you’re a newbie, simply curious, or just want to spend some downtime in our beautiful urban retreat that is the Ravenscourt park Glasshouses, then come on down!


The session will be run on the 9th July from 12pm-1pm in the glasshouse @ Ravenscourt Park secret gardens, (behind the tea house – W6 0UL). The session is just £5, book here to avoid dissapointment.

The Session:

  • We will begin with a seated meditation and an introduction to some of the different types of Yoga
  • We will then workshop a Hatha Yoga sun salutation series to hone your breath connection and body awareness/alignment in this commen Yoga ‘warm up’
  • We’ll continue with practice of some important fondation postures you come accross in Yoga, from downward dog to shoulder stand
  • Some serious stretching will follow, as well as an explanation of the science behind stretching and the different ways in which we can gain flexibility and different ‘types’ of stretching
  • Finally we will finish on a deep hands on relaxation and Yoga nidra session

We have some mats, but do bring your own if you have one. There are no shower or changing facilities; only the park loos.



Laura Pearce