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Here at Yoga Fitness London we believe you can enhance your mental wellbeing using fun, unique crafting sessions, and not just through straight up mindfulness meditation.

Allowing your creativity to blossom can be a great tool for enhancing mindfulness and good mental health. When you set yourself a challenge to create, the process of making is where your focus lies, and the physical, tactile nature of craft keeps the senses fully engaged; the ultimate form of mindfulness.

We've teamed up with some of London's hottest creative talent to provide 2hr crafting workshops during which you will be thoroughly enthralled. Your experience level is irrelevant; the act of creating is more important than the finished product (the journey is more important than the destination...)

Check out some of our crafting legends - 



Poppy Chancellor is a London based illustrator and papercut artist. Whilst working to commission creating personalised artwork, Poppy has also worked with brands including Adidas and Cath Kidston.

“Exquisite papercut designs” - Vogue 

“There’s a buzz about Poppy Chancellor” - Elle

See more cutouts @poppyspapercuts

See more cutouts @poppyspapercuts



Cara is a costume designer (currently working on a little film called starwars...) who creates hand stitched apparel incorporating contemporary subject. Create t-shirts with Cara that usually retail at £65. (additional cost pp per t-shirt).

Emilia Clarke wears Bibaud @bibaudlondon

Emilia Clarke wears Bibaud @bibaudlondon

2hr workshops start from £200, contact us for more info or to book.