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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions on Corporate Yoga, Yoga in the workplace, Yoga classes, Corporate Pilates, or any other sessions.



Why Corporate Yoga?

Make life easy – It can be tricky to get motivated to work out before or after work, our teachers will come to you and bring all the necessary equipment so it’s hassle free fitness. We can help yu to create your own unique welness program to offer your staff, and improve their work-life balance.

Lower the number of sick days taken – Yoga is a proven immune system booster, and in general physically healthy people are less likely to be easily “run down” by common colds and flu. Corporate Yoga and Pilates are hugely beneficial for posture and helps to combat work place 'injuries', helping people sit comfortably at their desk for longer.

Increase productivity – Happy and healthy staff with fewer physical or emotional stresses are more likely to be highly motivated and driven to achieve, and with reduced stress levels comes the ability to focus and maintain a clear and productive mindset.

What If i'm not flexible?

There is no need to worry if you can’t touch your toes; it’s not a case of you can’t do yoga because you’re not flexible; the case is you’re not flexible because you don’t do yoga! You will see your flexibility improve after only a few sessions, or even in some cases after only a few sun salutations.

How should I prepare for a Yoga/Pilates class?

Comfort is key so come wearing something like loose cotton, or stretchy leggings. A light jumper often comes in handy for final relaxation (lying still, usually a bit sweaty...) It is advised that you practice yoga on an empty stomach; try not to eat at least one hour and a half before sessions.

What if I have an injury?

Yoga sessions will be tailored for the needs of the individual even if there is an injury. Yoga therapy has often been used in rehabilitation programs and there is no reason why you can’t still train through most injuries. Talk you teacher before class; they'll have lots of ideas for you. Some injuries will require rest, if this has been recommended to you by a doctor-heed their advice!

Will I lose weight/gain muscle?

If that is your goal, then yes. Yoga Fitness London’s philosophy is to provide personal training with a difference. If a client wishes to lose weight they will be given fat burning heart rate raising exercises to perform as well as nutritional advice and an additional exercise program for the gym if necessary. Yoga and Pilates are great for creating long lean muscle mass.

How many sessions will I need?

That depends on your goals. Most people start to see tangible results and development after 5 or 6 sessions, with a consistent practice of at least one class per week. If you wish to work particularly hard, or a have a special event approaching fast, then 2-3 sessions per week is sufficient. Most of our clients book 1-2 session per week.

What if I want shorter/longer session?

This is possible at a negotiated price, please contact us directly for further details.

How can I pay?

Corporate sessions can be paid for by bank transfer, or pingit. We invoice corporate clients monthly. We accept cash at all our pop-ups, or payment via eventbrite.

If I book a block of classes how long do I have to use it?

We generally book in monthly session blocks (contact us for more info) if you have had to cancel a class that you’ve already paid for, we ask that you use it within a reasonable amount of time, no more than 6 months.

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer discounts to charitable organisations and emergency service staff. We can also usually negotiate a lowered rate for off-peak sessions, mid morning and mid afternoon. (contact us for more info).