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The YFL Method


YFL Method


The 3 Rs

We offer a variety of different class types and services, but there is method to the madness... all our signature class formats are created based on the '3Rs', the Yoga Fitness London mantra:

‘Realignment, Resilience, Regeneration'.

Our method has been developed over 8 years experience in the corporate wellness world, by our world class instructors. Our chief Yogi, Laura, is a wellness bunny, and has a flair for headhunting exceptionally talented instructors. She only hires teachers whose classes she attends regularly herself.



From 'tech neck' to 'chair wear' we train our instructors to pick up on your lifestyle achilles heel, and tailor classes to help you embody a strong, healthy, confident and open posture. Depending on your daily work patterns, our instructors build an alignment and anatomy focussed program to target your workplace ’injuries’.

It's not just your posture that can be pushed out of alignment over time; it can be your attitude too. Taking care of yourself on a holistic level can drop to the bottom of your priorities list. We want to empower you to self motivate, make time for yourself, and reach your goals... REALIGN YOUR MIND BODY AND SOUL!


Resilience is defined as "a capacity to withstand stress and catastrophic encounters". These encounters come from both physical and emotional stress, and rather than working on temporarily curing your stress, we want to provide you with the mechanisms and technique to be resilient to such encounters in the first place. 

Having a consistent nurturing wellness class taught by our empathetic instructors, can help you reset and become more resilient to such encounters. We will strive to teach you to cultivate a mindful connection to your body and mind, and teach you how to integrate this into your daily routine... PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE!



One of the key goals of any wellness program should be to refresh, revitalise, and regenerate not only mental but also physical harmony; allowing our mind and bodies to recover and replenish.

Mindfulness cues during sessions help to restore mental focus so you can go back to your desk with a sense of clarity, allowing creativity to thrive.

Deep hands on relaxation techniques at the end of each class stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, and aid in muscle recovery and repair too... MAKE SPACE FOR THE NEW YOU!