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Urban Yoga Pop-Up

Urban Yoga pop-up 2015


It all started when the new year came...

What is Urban Yoga?

Urban Yoga physically speaking is based on a Power Yoga/Ashtanga vinyasa flow style of Yoga with some Budukon based ‘animalistic’ movements – fluid and dynamic, sweaty and challenging. These up-beat classes use urban beats and mellow grooves to support the smooth transitions of fast flowing asanas.

We also set our Urban Yoga classes set to artistic light shows to excite and stimulate all the senses. More an event than a class, Urban Yoga will rock your mind body and soul.

Taught By Laura, our queen of Pop-Ups and highly experienced Yogini. She trained initially in India and is an advocate for the body-mind connection in Yoga, bringing together ancient eastern spirituality and modern western Yoga fitness methods in perfect harmony.



For your body

  • At Yoga Fitness London we believe in Yoga as a way of life, and want it to be as holistic an experience as possible – including providing you with an intense physical workout.

  • Classes are great for strength building, muscle toning and weight loss
  • Urban Yoga classes are a great addition to your January Detox routine – you will ‘sweat out’ toxins, stimulate tissues that ordinary exercise doesn’t, and improve overall health

For your mind

  • We are passionate about music and believe a good set of tunes can not only genuinely help enhance the physical expression of your Yoga, but is also simply a more enjoyable experience.
  • The idea for our light shows came from working with light therapists who believe photo and chromotherapy can have significant emotional and physical healing benefits ranging from depression, insomnia and back pain to skin conditions and wound healing. It has been used throughout history by the ancient Egyptions, Greek, Chinese and Arabs as an effective healing tool, and our classes emulate various healing phases and colours. See here for more info.

For your soul

  • It’s fun, and it’s down to earth – we welcome everyone, and appreciate everyone’s practice is different. There is no world outside your own mat during the sessions, no ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ way, and lots of options and modifications.

  • There really is no other Yoga like it, we want everyone to enjoy themselves in our classes, there are no expectations, all we ask is you come with an open mind, and leave with a smile.

For your wallet…

  • We love using unique spaces and historical London institutions such as Bush Studios for our Pop-Ups. It not only helps to support such fantastic local businesses but also means as we don’t pay rent on a permanent studio that our overheads are much lower than most, giving you the very best prices for such a high standard of Yoga in London.


We appreciate everyone has different tastes in music, if you have a favourite tune,old or new, and you want to hear it in your next class, send us a message with song title/artist/when you want to hear it, and we’ll sort it out.