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YFL Instructor Application


YFL INstructor application


What we’re looking for

We are always curious to meet new inspired Yoga & wellness professionals. We think there are 3 qualities that make for an amazing instructor; empathy, passion & knowledge. We need you at the very least to have a high quality training program under your belt, with some specialist knowledge, plus experience in your field. Passion goes without saying and we need you to be confident in understanding and supporting a client’s journey through regular sessions, in what is often a very mixed group setting. We tailor classes to the client (based on work/sedentary patterns, stress type, routines, seasonal work arrangements etc…) so need you to be competent in co-creating bespoke programs for the client.

You will need to be teaching a public class that one of our chief Yogis can attend to get a feel for your style, or offer a 121 session sample if needs be.

Why Work For Us?

We offer some of the most competitive pay rates in the business, great training opportunities, retreat discounts, ambassador opportunities and Yoga mat discounts. For our chief Yogis we also provide free rental mats for all your personal events in collaboration with Kin Yoga Mats (the most gorgeous, highest quality Yoga mats out there, in our opinion).


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